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STATWORX Cheatsheets – Python Basics Cheatsheet for Data Science

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Do you want to learn Python? Or are you an R pro and you regularly miss the important functions and commands when working with Python? Or maybe you need a little reminder from time to time while coding? That’s exactly why cheatsheets were invented!

Cheatsheets help you in all these situations. Our first cheatsheet with Python basics is the start of a new blog series, where more cheatsheets will follow in our unique STATWORX style.

So you can be curious about our series of new Python cheatsheets that will cover basics as well as packages and workspaces relevant to Data Science.

Our cheatsheets are freely available for you to download, without registration or any other paywall.

Why have we created new cheatsheets?

As an experienced R user you will search endlessly for state-of-the-art Python cheatsheets similiar to those known from R Studio.

Sure, there are a lot of cheatsheets for every topic, but they differ greatly in design and content. As soon as we use several cheatsheets in different designs, we have to reorientate ourselves again and again and thus lose a lot of time in total. For us as data scientists it is important to have uniform cheatsheets where we can quickly find the desired function or command.

We want to counteract this annoying search for information. Therefore, we would like to regularly publish new cheatsheets in a design language on our blog in the future – and let you all participate in this work relief.

What does the first cheatsheet contain?

Our first cheatsheet in this series is aimed primarily at Python novices, R users who use Python less often, or peoples who are just starting to use it. It facilitates the introduction and overview in Python.

It makes it easier to get started and get an overview of Python. Basic syntax, data types, and how to use them are introduced, and basic control structures are introduced. This way, you can quickly access the content you learned in our STATWORX Academy, for example, or recall the basics for your next programming project.

What does the STATWORX Cheatsheet Episode 2 cover?

The next cheatsheet will cover the first step of a data scientist in a new project: Data Wrangling. Also, you can expect a cheatsheet for pandas about data loading, selection, manipulation, aggregation and merging. Happy coding!

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