Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI

Learn, create, and make a difference. In a positive, motivating environment.

This is statworx. This is who we are.

In our team, you have the option to work on trendsetting AI projects with your personal skill set. We value interdisciplinary exchange, internal knowledge transfer, and individual training. With us, you can reach your full potential at a place where you are at home professionally. You will work with colleagues who are just as passionate about data and AI as you are. Together with you, we want to create a positive, digital future for Germany and Europe.

Why choose statworx?

Engaging projects

We work with international companies on exciting projects centered around data science, machine learning, and AI. At the cutting edge of technology.

Steep learning curve

You can deepen your knowledge in your daily work, as well as through training sessions and internal knowledge transfer.

On an equal basis

We offer modern structures, fast decision-making processes, and a familiar environment for effective work on an equal basis.

Flexible work

With us, you can regularly work from home or from another location, and we will ensure that travel activity is kept at a moderate level.

Modern office

High-quality furnishing, easily accessible, and well-equipped with fruits and drinks. Perfect for feeling comfortable, having discussions, and developing.

A unique team

Respectful and cordial social interaction is very important to us. We share our knowledge, help each other, and promote in-depth discussions at regular team events.

Top-notch equipment

As a new employee, you will receive a modern Apple MacBook on the very first day along with the equipment you need to get started right away.

What it feels like at our company

One team, one mission.

We believe that data science, machine learning, and AI can be used to make the world a better place. For companies, the society, the environment, and for you. This principle, our passion for technology, and our drive to learn new things are what motivate us. We have recognized our responsibility and are taking it seriously. A little more every day. Together.

Become part of our team

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Your path to us

1. Screening

Screening the documents
We closely examine your documents and check the fit for the job.

2. Interview

Virtual interview
In the first interview, we would like to get to know you better and introduce statworx to you.

3. Task

Practical task
With a practical task, you can convince us of your skills and talents.

4. Meeting

A personal meeting with us
We look forward to a personal meeting where we can continue to get to know each other.

5. Offer

A convincing offer
We will make you an offer as quickly as possible and hope to win you over as well.


Diversity is important to us. This is also reflected in our application process. Feel free to send us your application without providing your picture or information about your gender, age, and nationality.

For your application, you do not need a cover letter or references. All we need is your detailed CV. However, if you also wish to tell us something about your motivation, feel free to attach a cover letter.

At statworx, we work on equal terms, which means that we address each other informally from the start, even during the application process. Of course, you can let us know beforehand if you wish to do things differently.

We are currently establishing English as the corporate language. If German or other additional language skills are required for a position, it will be explicitly mentioned in the corresponding vacancy announcement.

There is no mandated dress code for job interviews or the office at our company. We value professionality and individuality and assume that you can assess which clothing is adequate for which situation.

We value a vibrant corporate culture that is characterized by (interdisciplinary) exchange with colleagues as well as shared experiences and adventures. We believe that genuine encounters are the basis for cooperation and trust, and that this will continue to be the case in the future. At the same time, the well-being and satisfaction of the statcrew is our top priority. For this reason, apart from a few operational restrictions, you have maximum flexibility in your choice of work location: You are always welcome in our office, where there is usually plenty of action, but you are also welcome to work from home or another location.

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right job position for yourself. If you are unsure which position is right for you, we can search together. Feel free to mention in your job application that you are interested in several positions.

We are happy to support you with your thesis. Especially if you already have a concrete proposal for a topic, we are eager to hear it. Should we also have ideas for this type of collaboration, you will find them advertised as a job ad.

Do you have questions? Contact us!

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