Budapest at night

STATWORX on tour – eRum 2018

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The waiting is over – finally it is May and the eRum is about to start. STATWORX arrived in Budapest to take part in the upcoming conference. We are looking forward to some interesting talks and speakers. In this post I will summarise the events and our journey. So let us get right to it!


Nearly an hour later than scheduled, the check-in at Frankfurt Airport started, due to the delay of the preceding flight – followed by more waiting in the bus for an other 10 to 20 minutes. With patience and enough to talk about (who will go to which talks or workshops and why) we arrived at the plane. Luckily instead of having to wait over 40 minutes to departure, our flight got promoted and we took off to Budapest.

After a very smooth journey we landed, changed some money and arrived at our accommodation in the heart of the city. Since our boss took an earlier flight, he welcomed us above the roofs of Budapest with some snacks and beers.

Budapest at night

Since we all longed for some food and drinks, we went to the nearby food and bar street and enjoyed the local night life with some burgers or lángos before we all fell into our beds to get the rest we deserved!


The morning started as usually: last minute workshop planning. After a short walk to the Central European University, we split up and everyone took their favorite workshops. I chose to get an overview of efficient R programming from Colin Gillespie and an insight to package building from Colin Fay. During the day I also met some interesting people and had some deep conversations about R.

The evening schedule was filled with some shiny app presentations and socializing. After this, we continued to explore the nightlife of Budapest a bit which ended in nothing fancy, just some relaxing in the whirlpool on the rooftops!


The second conference day was packed with a lot of talks and we had a tight schedule – always changing halls to get to talks we picked. Only the keynote speakers had everyone's attention and no competing talks at the same time. However, to be honest we were a bit disappointed about the talks. We were hoping to get a bit more insights and new inputs, but most of the presentations were not that deep. I personally had about a handful of good ones. For example, one about compositional analysis and one about visualising distributional regression models.

Since it was our last night in Budapest, we went for the scenic route and enjoyed the view as well as the food.

Budapest view


Since our flight back to Frankfurt was scheduled in the afternoon, we could only attend the first half of the remaining talks. Nevertheless, there were some good ones. For example, the one about github and friends by Colin Gillespie, the one about the future-package by its creator Henrik Bengtsson or the one about the eDMA-package for cryptocurrencies time series by Leopoldo Catania.

So after the first half of the day we had to leave and went back to Frankfurt – with over an hour delay.


It was a very good team event with a lot of fun. There were good and interresting talk an people to met. On the other hand, I had hoped for a few more things I could take home and use in my practical worklife. That aside, it will not stop us from doing it again …. someone mentioned Las Vegas! Since the conference is over, we will get back to work, but we will remember the good times!

If you want to check out some of the talks you can watch them here.

STATWORX erum team

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