Off To New Adventures: STATWORX Office Soft Opening

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For nearly a whole year, the STATcrew waited for this magic moment: The STATWORX Office Opening Day! On July 3rd, we celebrated the opening of our new office in the Eastend of Frankfurt.

Exploring The New Space

The day started with a tour of our new building. Everyone was excited to see the brand new office since our CFO Julius put so much effort into transforming the space into a modern, welcoming place to work. On the tour, the crew was eager to examine the whole area with its lovely details, tech gadgets, lounge places, conference rooms, and much more.

Talking Strategy

Afterward, we had our quarterly town hall meeting to get everyone up-to-date on company news. For several hours we talked about communication, strategy, and goals for the coming months.

Firing up the grill on the patio outside the office.

Time For Food and Snacks

Finally, after a lot of insightful talks, we fired up the grill to have a tasty barbecue with cold beers and delicious wine. Since we’ve all been working from home for the last couple of months, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Who has the coolest new hairstyle? How are the new parents and their babies doing? Are weddings still happening? Of course, there was a lot of work-talk, too, but we certainly loved seeing all those familiar faces again.

Back to Work

One of the most significant changes is the sheer amount of conference rooms we have now! And not only that: The rooms are all different, some with sofas and armchairs, others with bar tables and stools. It’s really fun to try out every room and to find new stuff and details in each one.

We’ve been working in our new office for over a week now, and the motivation is as high as ever. With our heads full ideas and on the lookout for new challenges, we’re off to new adventures!

Über den Autor

Anne-Marie Antwerpen

Journalism, Social Networks and Media have influenced my life for over a decade now. As a Social Media & Content Specialist at STATWORX, I can finally combine my love for the many facets of the internet with my job!


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