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Large Language Model Workshop

Our workshop will bring your data and AI team up to speed on the latest research and enable your staff to create large language model (LLM) applications tailored to your specific business requirements.

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Our LLM workshop enables AI teams unlock the power of large language models

Large Language Model (LLM) Workshop

At the moment industry leaders across the world are looking into creating their own customized large language model (LLM) solutions to unlock the full potential of generative AI. This however comes with many big challenges, the biggest is probably the architectural design and development of the solution.

In our workshop, your Data & AI team will master the potential of large language models. Upon course completion, they will understand the fundamentals of LLMs and various strategies for crafting customized LLM applications to suit your unique business context.

To ensure this, the workshop will primarily discuss application-related issues. These include the following points:

  • How are LLMs structured and how do they work.
  • What models and model types exist and for what purposes they are suitable.
  • When do existing models suffice and when is custom development necessary.
  • How can existing models be tailored to a specific use case.
  • In what context is fine-tuning sensible, and in which is RAG useful.
  • What financial and time resources should be planned.
  • What data is required.
  • What opportunities and risks are to be expected.
  • How can multiple LLMs collaborate to accomplish complex tasks.

Content of the LLM Workshop

Basics of LLMs

Learn how great language models are built and work. We will examine the components of the transformer architecture, look at recent technological advances, and analyze current models.

Data preparation

In order to connect a data store successful to an LLM or even fine-tune the LLM itself on the data, the data must be carefully created and prepared. We show you how,

Data integration

Most generative AI models unfold their full value when they have access to the companies internal data. We show your team how this can be done via information retrieval methods (for example RAG),

Model selection & customization​

We explain when to use which model and how you can customize LLMs to a specific task or domain. We will cover prompting, (parameter-efficient) fine-tuning, quantization and training from scratch.


"The LLM Finetuning Workshop with statworx showed us new opportunities for utilizing Large Language Models within the DB context. The in-depth exploration of the Fine-Tuning vs. Retrieval Augmentation question will prove highly valuable to us in making future technology decisions."

Dr. Ingmar Schüle Data Scientist / Machine Learning Expert, DB Fernverkehr AG

Key facts

  • Target group

    This workshop is for data and AI teams that attempt to leverage large language models within their business context.

  • Location

    As it suits you best, wer offer the course at your place, remotely, our at our modern office.

  • Hands-on experience

    The workshop contains hands-on sessions to gather real experience. If it’s in your interest, we include a hackathon on an use case from your organization.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Depending on your needs we prioritize, skip or add content so that you get the most out of it. It can be adjusted to take place on one to three days.

Interested in our large language model workshop?

Are you interested in our LLM workshop? Or perhaps you’d like to discover if we can assist with another AI-related challenge? Just leave us a message, we’re happy to help.

Fabian Müller
COO statworx