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Data science

  • Target Audience Beginner
  • Training location Online
  • Dates 1x per quarter
  • Duration Up to 5 days
  • Previous knowledge No requirements
  • Costs By arrangement


In our data science bootcamp, we teach the most important data science fundamentals and concepts in several modules in a practical and interactive manner so that you can use your data better.

Data science beginners from practice or other academic disciplines often trust online tutorials or academies that attempt to teach complex topics in interactive learning environments. Many participants of such programs, however, recognize the limitations of the offered formats: they’re not very interactive, you cannot ask questions, and they are too linear and hardly challenging.

We offer an exciting format with our data science bootcamp: it specifically avoids the drawbacks of tutorials and other online formats. In the bootcamp, the participants are offered a structured introduction to data science, machine learning, and programming in a personal workshop. During the process, both theories such as machine learning and statistics and practical aspects such as data science team structures, workflows, and best practices are discussed, all of which are highly relevant for day-to-day work.

Our bootcamp is particularly notable for the high level of practice involved. All the methods, tools, and concepts that are covered are directly relevant for using data science in the company.

At a glance

  • Data strategy
  • Programming basics
  • Data preparation
  • Relational DB & SQL
  • Data visualization
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Deployment & operations
  • Reporting & dashboarding
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