How To Build an AI-Governance Fit for the Digital Age

DATA SCIENCE WHITEPAPER ON AI STRATEGY.Whitepaper: How To Build an AI Governance Fit for the Digital AgeThis white paper elaborates on the core elements of AI governance in detail and discusses five considerations that should be at the heart of any AI governance. As artificial intelligence continues to permeate all workplace areas, the technology has moved from research into the …

Whitepaper: Change-Management for Data Science – How to achieve a Data Mindset

Lea Waniek Blog, Consulting, Data Science, Knowledge, Whitepaper

Data science and artificial intelligence are the key to future value creation and competitiveness for many organizations. Therefore, efficient change management to transform thinking in the top-down process is urgently required in the context of AI initiatives. Successful change management to establish the data mindset requires a clear leadership commitment and is characterized by six key factors, which we deal with in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: A Maturity Model for Artificial Intelligence

Jannik Klauke Blog, Data Science

To successfully establish artificial intelligence in an organizational context, one should first understand the current status of the AI adoption. For this purpose, we at STATWORX have developed a maturity model for AI. It is based on our AI strategy approach and can determine the level of AI maturity in organizations, divisions and departments. Thereby, the company can be classified into one of four distinct maturity levels. Furthermore, we provide a actual/target matrix to illustrate possible development paths for AI within the organization.

Whitepaper: The 6 key elements of an AI strategy

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the essential drivers of digital change in business and society. Companies face the challenge of establishing AI as an integral part of their corporate strategy to remain competitive in the future. Based on our many years of AI project experience, we have identified 6 key elements that companies need to consider when developing an AI strategy.