Whitepaper: How Scrum Can Be Used for Data Science Projects

Jakob Gepp Blog, Data Science

In the whitepaper “How Scrum Can Be Used for Data Science Projects”, you will get an overview of the project management technique Scrum with regard to the typical process of a data science project. Based on this, we present the biggest challenges and propose solutions for the integration of Scrum in your data science projects.Read the Management Summary of this whitepaper here.

Whitepaper: 35 AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry

Jan Fischer Blog

This whitepaper aims to present an overview of possible AI use cases in this specific industry. It provides a clear, comprehensive collection of 35 use cases to inspire the reader to think about potential applications in their own business. We focus on what you can do and why your company would benefit from the integration of AI and machine learning capabilities.