2022 and the rise of statworx next

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

2021 for sure was one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding years of my career so far. Like last year, I’ve decided to kickstart this year with a short review of 2021 and give an outlook on what’s on the menu for 2022. Spoiler alert: This year is already casting large shadows for us – due to the rise of statworx next.

Titelbild Recap Digital Festival Zürich 2021

Recap: 5 Highlights from the Digital Festival Zurich 2021

Livia Eichenberger Blog, Data Science

After participating in the Digital Festival for the first time last year, the whole Swiss team of STATWORX was looking forward to this year’s edition, which took place from September 23 to 26 in Zurich at Schiffbau, located conveniently just around the corner of our Swiss office. Under the motto «Make It Personal», a variety of keynotes, labs and networking sessions brought together digital leaders, digital aficionados and innovators, all driven by curiosity, openness and a maker mentality. In keeping with this year’s Digital Festival motto, I would like to share my personal five highlights of this recent event with you now.

5 Practical Examples of NLP Use Cases

Felix Plagge Blog, Data Science

Due to recent achievements in deep learning, several different NLP (“Natural Language Processing”) tasks can now be solved with outstanding quality.
In this article, you will learn how NLP applications solve various business problems through five practical examples, which ensured an increase in efficiency and innovation in their field of application.


The 5 Most Important Use Cases for Computer Vision

Oliver Guggenbühl Blog, Data Science

The foundations for image recognition and computer vision were already laid down in the 1970s. However, it is only in recent years that the field has found increasing application outside research. This article presents five selected and particularly promising use cases from different industries, which are either already in production or promise significant changes in their respective fields in the coming years.

Whitepaper: The 6 key elements of an AI strategy

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the essential drivers of digital change in business and society. Companies face the challenge of establishing AI as an integral part of their corporate strategy to remain competitive in the future. Based on our many years of AI project experience, we have identified 6 key elements that companies need to consider when developing an AI strategy.