How To Build an AI-Governance Fit for the Digital Age

DATA SCIENCE WHITEPAPER ON AI STRATEGY.Whitepaper: How To Build an AI Governance Fit for the Digital AgeThis white paper elaborates on the core elements of AI governance in detail and discusses five considerations that should be at the heart of any AI governance. As artificial intelligence continues to permeate all workplace areas, the technology has moved from research into the …

Why the cloud is important for the success of AI initiatives

Data Science Whitepaper on Container StrategiesWhitepaper: Container Strategies for Data ScienceIn this whitepaper, we discuss the fundamentals and characteristics of containers in AI product development and define five essential layers of a container strategy for Data Science. The triumph of containers has turned the IT world upside down in recent years. The deployment of applications of all kinds is standardized …

Why the cloud is important for the success of AI initiatives

Data Science Whitepaper on Cloud Technology.Whitepaper: Why the Cloud Is Important For the Success of AI Initiatives This whitepaper shows how the cloud, especially the public cloud, helps to successfully develop, implement, and operate modern AI solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key technology for the digital transformation and will help determine the competitiveness of German companies. Many companies have …

Title 5 Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

5 Types of Machine Learning Algorithms (With Use Cases)

Fran Peric Blog, Data Science

We are encountering Machine Learning algorithms in our daily lives. Some are practical, like Google Translate; others are fun, like Snapchat Filters. Our interaction with artificial intelligence will most likely increase in the next few years. Given the potential impact of Machine Learning models on our future lives, Fran Peric presents to you the five branches of Machine Learning and their key concepts.

How Scrum Can Be Used for to Data Science Projects

Whitepaper on Data Strategy.Whitepaper: How Scrum Can Be Used for Data Science Projects.In this whitepaper, you will get an overview of the project management technique Scrum with regard to the typical process of a data science project. Based on this, we present the biggest challenges and propose solutions for the integration of Scrum in your data science projects. In recent …

Whitepaper: 35 AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry

Jan Fischer Blog

This whitepaper aims to present an overview of possible AI use cases in this specific industry. It provides a clear, comprehensive collection of 35 use cases to inspire the reader to think about potential applications in their own business. We focus on what you can do and why your company would benefit from the integration of AI and machine learning capabilities.