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The 6 Most Important AI Trends for 2022

  • Expert Oliver Guggenbühl
  • Date 28. January 2022
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The 6 Most Important AI Trends for 2022

What’s it about?

This whitepaper discusses the most important data science and AI trends for 2022.

Never before has machine learning received as much public attention as it does now. New large-scale model announcements and releases regularly make headlines with impressive performance gains in various areas. As this increased exposure is helping the field to reach more researchers and industries, it is also contributing to AI receiving more scrutiny than in the past. The capabilities of AI are no longer the sole talking point, as the responsibilities that come with applying this technology increasingly move into focus.

We particularly delve into the following six key trends that will shape the future of our industry in the coming years:

1. Larger mega models in NLP
2. Transformers outside of NLP
3. Sustainability of AI
4. AI for sustainability
5. Responsible AI
6. Automation of the data science workflow


Oliver Guggenbühl

Team AI Development

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