Data Science Whitepaper on AI Strategy.

Whitepaper: The 6 Key Elements of an AI Stategy

In this white paper, our experts provide valuable input for developing an AI strategy for your company. In particular, the six most important key elements of an AI strategy are identified.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the key drivers of digital change in business and society. Companies face the challenge to establish AI as an elementary component of their corporate strategy in order to remain competitive in the future. To support the development of an AI strategy, we have identified six important key elements (1. data, 2. use cases, 3. infrastructure, 4. organization, 5. team & skills, 6. governance) that every AI strategy should contain.

By looking at these six elements, the most important strategic decisions with regard to the successful establishment of AI initiatives can be derived. There are various dependencies between the key elements, which must be taken into account when developing the strategy. For the design of the six key elements, we have developed five guiding questions each to support you in the discussion and decision-making process to derive suitable actions for strategy execution.

In this whitepaper on AI strategy we show you:

  • Why AI is important as an element of corporate strategy in the future
  • Which are the six most important key elements for developing your AI strategy?
  • How you can derive strategic decisions for the successful establishment of AI initiatives by looking at these six elements in a structured way

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We wish you a lot of fun while reading.


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