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Whitepaper: Change Management for Data Science

In this whitepaper, we present the key factors for successful change management to establish a data mindset. We point out exactly what you need to successfully initiate the process of rethinking within your data science and AI initiative.

Data science and artificial intelligence are the key to successful value creation and competitiveness for many organizations in the future. However, to fully exploit the potential of these technologies, it is not enough to invest in tools and know-how alone.

To create real innovation, one must combine these new technologies with industry expertise and integrate them into the operational business. The workforce must support the accompanying sustainable transformation of organizational structures and processes.

Therefore, an organization-wide, fundamental rethinking towards data-based thinking and acting, the data mindset, is necessary. At present, the masterminds and advocates of this change can be found primarily in leadership positions. For this reason, efficient change management is urgently needed in the context of AI initiatives to transform thinking in the top-down process. To establish the data mindset via successful change management, a clear leadership commitment is required. The six key factors, which we will present in this whitepaper, characterize this process.

In this whitepaper on Change Management for Data Science, we will show you:

  • How you can convince management and workforce of the establishment of a data mindset with the help of change management.
  • Which are the key factors for a successful establishment of the data mindset and how you can implement them step by step.
  • How to increase the acceptance of AI initiatives in your company.

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We wish you a lot of fun while reading.


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