Whitepaper on AI Executive Training.

Whitepaper: AI Training for Executives

In this whitepaper, we explain, based on a case study, why AI training is so essential for top management and how you can implement this training opportunity in your company.

In recent years, many companies have realized that the successful application of AI will be a decisive success factor in the future. In connection with this finding, companies today face the challenge of making artificial intelligence usable and scalable. Current and future leaders of organizations play a fundamental role in mastering this challenge. They are responsible for managing the transformation that artificial intelligence brings to their companies. Therefore, it is vital to prepare managers for this new role through AI training systematically.

While the upper management level defines the AI vision of the enterprise, members of the middle management level have to create the organizational framework for a successful operationalization and scaling of the technology. Ultimately, the lower management level is responsible for the success of the operational application of the technology. Therefore, dedicated content must be taught at each management level. This white paper uses a case study to illustrate how such a differentiated training concept can be successfully implemented.

In this whitepaper on AI training we show you:

  • Why AI training for top management is an important success factor for the digital transformation of your company
  • How executives can enable artificial intelligence in companies
  • How AI will affect the management style of tomorrow

The whitepaper also contains a case study about AI training for managers.

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We wish you a lot of fun while reading.


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