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A Maturity Model for AI

  • Expert Jannik Klauke
  • Date 05. October 2020
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A Maturity Model for AI

What’s it about?

Based on our AI strategy approach, we have developed a maturity model for the adoption of artificial intelligence, that can support you to perform an AI assessment.

Artificial intelligence is considered one of the most important megatrends of the new decade. In Europe alone, productivity increases of 20-38% could be achieved by 2030 through the usage of AI. In order to successfully establish artificial intelligence in an organizational context, one should first understand the current status of the AI adoption. Afterwards, measures to increase the adoption can be defined.

For this purpose, we at STATWORX have developed a maturity model for AI. It is based on our AI strategy approach and can determine the level of AI maturity in organizations, divisions and departments. Thereby, the company can be classified into one of four distinct maturity levels. Furthermore, we provide a actual/target matrix to illustrate possible development paths for AI within the organization.


Jannik Klauke

Team AI Strategy

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