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Whitepaper: AI Training for Executives

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Management Summary

Over the past few years, many companies have come to realize that the successful application of artificial intelligence will be a decisive success factor for the future. In connection with this realization, companies today face the challenge of making artificial intelligence usable and scalable. Current and future executives of those companies hold a fundamental role in mastering this challenge because they are responsible for steering the transformation that comes with artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is essential to prepare executives for this new role systematically. The tasks and requirements that managers have to meet in this process sometimes differ considerably. While the upper management level defines the company‘s AI vision, members of the middle management level have to create the organizational framework for a successful operationalization and scaling of the technology.

Ultimately, the lower management level is responsible for the success of the operational application of the technology. Therefore, dedicated content must be taught at each management level. But before that, uniform foundations must be created across all management levels. In the past we identified the following topics as particularly relevant:

  • Pointing out and discussing potentials that are already emerging today through the use of AI
  • Create a basic understanding of how AI works and identify current and future trends in this area
  • Learn how to identify and evaluate use cases for the use of AI in your own company
  • Overview of currently available methods and technological solutions in the field of AI
  • (Ethical) effects and risks arising from the use of AI can be better assessed and evaluated

In the whitepaper „AI Basics for Executives“ we illustrates what a successful implementation of a dedicated further training concept can look like. Thereby, a dedicated training format was developed for executives of an internationally active corporation, which prepares the target group of middle to upper management for the upcoming AI transformation. The training was conducted several times both in Germany and internationally.

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Fabian Müller

I am the COO at STATWORX and responsible for our data science teams and key accounts. In my spare time, I'm into doing sports and fast cars.


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