Whitepaper: 35 AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry

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Management Summary

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the top technology trends in most industries. They will, and already have, changed how many companies operate their business fundamentally – some of them in a game-changing way. Value from AI arises in many forms, whether through improved data-driven decision making, optimized or automatized processes, decreased manual labor, increased productivity, lower costs, or higher revenues. AI and machine learning can no longer be understood as a privilege of top-tier technology giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others. Probably every company, independent from size, experience, or any other characteristics, can take advantage of the opportunities that come with the advancement of these technologies.

Why AI & ML Use Cases Are Especially Relevant for the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry

Particularly for companies in the retail & consumer goods industry, there are many useful applications for the technologies summarized under AI and machine learning. One key reason for this is the massive amount of data collected by companies in this industry, especially in e-commerce.

This whitepaper aims to present an overview of possible AI use cases in this specific industry. It provides a clear, comprehensive collection of 35 use cases to inspire the reader to think about potential applications in their own business. Thereby, it concentrates on the business-perspective and will not go into technical details. We focus on what you can do and why your company would benefit from the integration of AI and machine learning capabilities. If you are interested in technical details or follow-up questions you can contact us at any time.

Create Cross-Functional Added Value With AI & ML Use Cases

The use cases are subdivided in the following four categories:

  • Marketing, Sales & After Sales
  • People & Organization
  • Finance, Accounting & Controlling
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Quality

Although the use cases are structured by function, we want to emphasize that some are certainly interesting and valuable across different functions. However, we think this structure helps to keep the overview and avoids overwhelming the reader.

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