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AI Hub

Together with AI startups, SMEs, research, and AI enthusiasts, we are opening a location in Frankfurt where AI innovation will become a reality. A community that is enthusiastic about the exchange and collaboration around AI.

We are giving AI a home in Frankfurt. A place where the future will unfold.

AI community, co-creation, and co-working in Frankfurt

The AI Hub is a place where the economy, research, and society network, discuss, and collaborate on AI. This is where companies find the gateway to the world of data and artificial intelligence. With the AI Hub, we offer you a local point of contact that supports you in tapping the potential of data and AI. Furthermore, we share our AI-related knowledge with society and invite you to participate in exciting discussions and events. 

Our goal: Unfold the potential of AI for Frankfurt and Rhine-Main.

Artificial intelligence is a key technology of digital transformation. It offers companies comprehensive opportunities to develop new business models, make internal processes more efficient, and improve products and services in a data-based manner. 

 Artificial intelligence provides substantial opportunities, but it also poses major challenges for companies in the region. At the same time, AI has significantly influenced society and will continue to fundamentally alter the interaction between man and machine as well. 

 The AI Hub is our contribution towards a purposeful, human-centered future of AI. We want to strengthen the business and societal location of Frankfurt and enrich it with a focal point for collaboration and communication. Working together towards a data-driven, successful future. 

Our focus: Apply AI. Understand AI.

  • Hands-on 

    The AI Hub focuses on the application of data science, machine learning, and AI. Our memberships and the strong focus on practical-oriented topics are unique in this regard. 

  • Real meetings 

    We believe that personal contact is the basis for ongoing exchange in a trustworthy environment. Real encounters are the cornerstone for mutual success in collaboration, particularly regarding AI. 

  • Professional expertise 

    The AI Hub is backed by statworx’s team with years of expertise and experience from hundreds of AI projects. We pass on this knowledge to members in the AI Hub, thereby supporting companies in the region. 

  • Open to everyone 

    Everyone is welcome at the AI Hub. Whether AI experts, scientists, enthusiasts, beginners, or interested parties: Our doors are open for you at all timesfree of charge and without any red tape. 

The AI Hub. A home for AI.

The AI Hub in Frankfurt

Just by entering the AI Hub, you can already feel the dynamic and energy of the place and the people who work here. The look is modern, progressive, and green. Glass surfaces, plants, and visual highlights create a unique atmosphere. There are many areas for creativity and encounters as well as quiet zones for concentrated work. It is the perfect place to shape the future together.

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Would you like to discuss data science, machine learning, and AI informally? Or do you already know that you want to become part of the AI Hub in Frankfurt? Get in touch with us. 

Marcel Isbert
Manager AI Hub