Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI

As a data science and AI consultancy, we are shaping the future together.

Heading towards a better future with data and AI

Over the past several years, statworx has grown to become one of the leading technology scale-ups in the field of data science, machine learning, and AI. We are working to shape the future of the economy, society and the environment for the better through the application of AI.

While doing so, we take a holistic view of data and AI. Our core business is assisting companies with our AI Strategy, AI Development, and AI Academy business divisions. Here we advise you on strategic matters, develop and implement customized data science solutions, and train your team along the entire AI, machine learning, and data science workflow. With AI Ventures, we develop the next generation of AI startups and products. In the AI Hub, we are giving AI a home where startups, corporations, and SME collaborate on AI matters.

We have launched the AI & Society and AI & Environment initiatives to generate a positive impact in society and the environment. Here we work on projects in which AI makes a lasting contribution towards a positive societal and ecological development.


Founding of statworx

After three years of freelance work with many international companies, our current CEO Sebastian Heinz founded statworx.


Founding of statworx Switzerland

Two years after the founding of statworx we are already consulting many Swiss companies in the field of data science and statistics.


Opening of statworx HQ in Frankfurt's Westend

We are moving to our new, ultra-modern office at our headquarters in Frankfurt's beautiful Westend. This sets the stage for the successful years ahead.


Founding of the AI Academy

In addition to further expanding the data science and statistics services, we have founded the statworx Academy, which helps companies train their teams in data and AI.


statworx is growing up

Our team is growing to nearly 50 people. statworx has now conducted a multitude of data science and AI projects in various industries.


Statistical consulting – no. AI and data strategy – yes.

statworx is replacing the statistical consulting business with strategic consulting in data, data science, machine learning, and AI.


statworx moves to East Frankfurt

In the first year of the coronavirus crisis, statworx is moving into its new headquarters, which provides room for up to 100 employees. Next level. Here we go.


Launch of statworx next

10 years after its founding, statworx is reinventing itself. As an AI company that fulfills its responsibility towards people, the economy, society, and the environment.

statworx next: a mission that unites and drives.

We are convinced that the technological progress of artificial intelligence will bring us great opportunities along with great challenges. Because of this, we focus intensively on the interface between people, the economy, society, the environment, and AI technology. We believe that AI will make the world a better place if we actively work towards that goal. That is what we stand for.

Values connect.
And so do differences.

Our core values embody our culture. How we act, how we work, who we are. We are convinced that these values are crucial for our future success.

We run our data.

Data is our fuel. We are united by our passion for AI technology and data-driven innovation. From it we draw the strength and inspiration to take new paths and grow beyond ourselves.

We thrive together.

The power lies in the team. Always. Without exception. Mutual trust and the knowledge that we can accomplish more together are at the core of our collaboration. This is the only way we can achieve our ambitious goals.

We grow through challenge.

The curiosity and desire to consistently face new challenges and grow through them are deeply enshrined in us. We see opportunities in change and learn from new experiences.

We embrace individuality.

We value the uniqueness of every person and always treat each other as equals. Different backgrounds, mindsets, and ideas enrich us and build the foundation for our success.

We do what matters.

We focus on what truly counts. In our projects, we work on solutions that create long-term value. We use data and AI to shape the future for the better. For people, economy, society, and the environment.

We own our game.

We take responsibility, execute ideas, and think big. If you want to change the status quo, you must do so with full conviction. We believe in ourselves, set ambitious goals, and make the future happen.

We care for the crew.

We are more than just colleagues – we are a crew. We are our own most valuable asset. We look out for and support each other, and we create a harmonious working environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Our team: Our success.

We are shaping the future with highly proficient, interdisciplinary employees who all share the same passion for data, AI technology, and innovation.
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Do you want more than just a job? Then join us!

We are looking for people with passion for data, curiosity, openness, and expertise. Are you looking for a challenge, new experiences, and a team where you can grow beyond yourself? Then apply now!

Your future workplace

Our offices

In our offices, the statworx team works on exciting data science, machine learning, and AI projects for our customers. We believe that a positive work atmosphere, flat hierarchies, and an open corporate structure are fundamental for outstanding performance. In our offices in Frankfurt and Zurich, we make this tangible. Tall rooms and transparency thanks to glass and spacious open spaces ensure a creative work atmosphere.
Office Zurich
Office Zurich
Office Zurich
350 Data and AI projects
50 Customers
70 Experts
2 Locations (D / CH)
10 Years of experience
50 Different use cases

Customers from many different industries and departments trust us. We invite you to take the next step towards a data-driven future together with us.

Customers from many different industries and departments trust us. We invite you to take the next step towards a data-driven future together with us.