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Professional Data Science & AI Service for Enterprises.

  • Data Science & AI Consulting
  • Model Development & Engineering
  • AI Workshops and Training
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Data Science & AI Consulting

We support you in the development of your data science & AI strategy as well as in the development of AI use cases.


Model Development & Engineering

We develop modern models from machine learning and statistics to improve your products, services and processes.


Data Science & AI Training

We train individuals, teams and companies in data science, machine learning an AI with R & Python.


Data Science & AI as a Service.

Data Science & AI – done right.

Unlock the potential of your data with our Data Science & AI services.

STATWORX is a leading consulting company for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. We offer our customers an integrated solution for planning, development and implementation of Data Science & AI projects. Along the data science workflow, we advise you on the definition of use cases, develop models from machine learning and AI and implement them in your IT infrastructure.

In doing so, we consistently pursue our “white-box” approach. This means that we develop models, algorithms and systems together with you, execute them on your systems and make them completely transparent for you within the framework of a holistic and proven knowledge transfer. In this way, you can exploit the full potential of your data. Data Science & AI – done right.

data science offerings

Learn how our services bring Data Science & AI into your company.

  • Data & AI Strategy

    Professional consulting in the development of your data science, AI and digital strategy.

  • Use Case Exploration

    Identification, planning and roadmapping of Data Science and AI Use Cases in your company

  • Prototyping

    Planning and development models from statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Pilot

    Conception, stabilization and evaluation of the model prototype within an agile pilot project.

  • Deployment and DevOps

    Implementation and regular maintenance and optimization of the model in your IT infrastructure.

  • Data Science & AI Training

    Education and training of employees for the targeted development of data science and analytics competence.

Your Advantages.

Data Science & AI Service from STATWORX – your Advantages.

Based on our experience and expertise in data science, we enable you to improve products, processes and services based on your data.

Generating real competitive advantages through data science and artificial intelligence is a challenge for many companies. Take advantage of our experience and expertise and thus avoid mistakes in the development and implementation of Data Science & AI Use Cases and projects.

  • Data Science & AI Project Experience

    In recent years we have built up extensive data science experience in over 200 use cases and projects.

  • Method Expertise

    We have a broad data science methodological and technical know-how, which we bring to your project in a profitable way.

  • Agile Work

    No rigid IT monoliths, but iteratively developed models and products and an agile project management.

  • Vendor Indepenence

    We use open source state-of-the-art software such as R or Python for your project and no expensive software licenses.

  • White Box Approach

    All our models and algorithms are specifially developed for you and are made available in the context of knowledge transfer.

Data Science & AI Projects

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Where we can support you.

Data Science & AI Use Cases.

Data Science and AI have a wide range of applications across business units and industries. With our help, you can unlock these potentials and make them available to your company.

Customer Analytics

Use your customer data for data-based improvement of your services, products and processes.

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Retail Analytics

Optimize sales and margin of your products through model-based pricing, quotes and services.

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Create forecasts of KPIs, sales and product sales using statistics and machine learning.

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Web Analytics

Create predictive models to control online KPIs, conversions and web usage behavior.

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Deep Learning & AI

Use neural networks to process unstructured data such as image, text and sound.

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Financial Analytics

Use machine learning and statistics to predict time series and other financial figures.

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Fraud Detection

Use advanced algorithms to detect fraud and improper use of your services.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predict machine and component failure and optimize maintenance and service.

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Quality Analytics

Modeling of data from the quality environment to avoid costs and optimize your products.

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The tools we use.

Open Source Data Science & AI.

As a vendor-independent consultancy, we always have the right tool for your project. Leverage the possibilities of open source technologies also in your company.

“The correct use of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence will become one of the key differentiating factors for the success of companies in the digital economy”.Sebastian Heinz, CEO STATWORX

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STATWORX was born from the idea of helping our clients create value from data. Today, we support many companies across industries to make better decisions with Data Science, Machine Learning & AI.

Data Science & AI done right.


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