Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI
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As one of the leading companies for data science, machine learning, and AI, we help you to shape the future with data and artificial intelligence.

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Welcome to statworx!

Consulting for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are the key technologies of the future. In addition to extensive opportunities for companies to develop new business models, optimize processes, and improve products and services, they bring about profound transformations in many facets of our lives. We strive to shape this change for the better.

Our offering.
Full-service AI.

We are your partner for a data-driven future. AI service from a single provider: Strategy, development, training, ventures, community. Together we create what matters tomorrow.

AI Strategy

Strategy consulting for the successful and efficient application of data and AI in your company. Benefit from our experience, best practices, and proven frameworks.

AI Development

Custom-made data science, machine learning, and AI solutions for your company. Together we improve proces­ses, develop new business models, and optimize products and services.

AI Academy

Skills and expertise in data science, machine learning, and AI for you and your team. Enable your employees to unfold the value of data and AI for your company.

AI Ventures

Our venture team assists AI startups throughout the entire founding process: From ideation to founding and beyond. We lay the foundation for the technology scale-ups of tomorrow.

AI Hub

Alongside AI startups, SMEs, researchers, and AI enthusiasts, we are giving AI a home in Frankfurt. A place for exchange and collaboration – where AI innovations become reality.

Challenge the now.
Create the next.
Shape the future.
For the better.

AI is the key technology of the 21st century. It will change the world and provide the opportunity to make it a better place. Discover what we believe in and what drives us.

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