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AI for

Artificial intelligence is a versatile technology. There are a wide variety of use cases in which data science and artificial intelligence can be used to efficiently solve certain sustainability challenges.


How artificial intelligence can solve major sustainability challenges

AI for more sustainability

Today more than ever, companies are faced with the challenge of making their value and supply chains more sustainable. On this path, new approaches and ideas for sustainability strategies are required.

Data science and artificial intelligence are versatile technologies. Almost every company has a wide variety of possible uses of AI to solve specific sustainability challenges. Some of the goals that can be achieved with data science and AI are:

  • Reduction of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Avoiding overproduction
  • Increasing the lifespan of products and machines
  • Increasing the sustainability of products and packaging

For companies, solving sustainability challenges from different perspectives makes sense and is worth striving for. In addition to the positive impact on the environment and climate, these usually also result in efficiency gains and associated cost savings. 

Our approach to more sustainability through AI

From idea to solution

We support you from the identification of specific sustainability challenges, through the identification of AI-based solution approaches to technical implementation. Arrange a meeting to analyze your challenges and benefit from our experience from over 350 projects. We are looking forward to your message. 

Specific services


Are you looking for a first introduction to the topic and want to understand how AI can be used for more sustainability? Then our keynote speech is just right for you.


We assess the potential of data science and AI to solve your specific sustainability challenges and explore if AI can become a key part of your sustainability strategy.

Use Case

Together we identify your most important sustainability challenges, identify AI-based solutions and evaluate them in terms of their chances of success.

Development of
AI Solutions

We support you holistically in the development and operation of AI solutions. From idea, through the first prototype to the full-fledged AI product.

Our advantage

500 Data and AI Projects successfully realized
100 Customers from 10 industries
85 Experts from 17 fields of study
10 Years of experience in Data Science, ML and AI

Interested? Let's talk.

Would you like to have an exchange with us on the subject of artificial intelligence for sustainability? Or do you already have a specific project in mind? Contact us.

Jan Fischer
Lead AI & Environment