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AI & Environment
Use Case Workshop

  • Event Category:
  • Date: 18.02.2022
  • Time:
    14:00–16:00 h
  • Venue: Online

What you can expect:

The workshop offers a comprehensible insight into how AI works. In addition, initial areas of application with a positive environmental impact are developed together with the participants.

Do you want to use artificial intelligence (AI) in your company to reduce your environmental impact, but do not know how yet? At the same time, would you like to exchange ideas with other companies from the Rhine-Main region on how they approach the topic? Then this workshop is just the right thing for you!

We at statworx are experts in the field of AI. We know what AI can do and how it can be employed most effectively. But we also know that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. That’s why we have launched the new initiative AI & Environment and want to combine our expertise with the protection of the environment. We want to start in our home region, the Rhine-Main region.

This workshop is therefore exclusively for companies from the Rhine-Main region. In a hands-on way, our AI experts will work out with you what artificial intelligence is capable of. Afterwards, in small groups and with the support of an expert, you will develop initial areas of application (use cases) for your company. All ideas will be presented and discussed in a large round at the end.

This event is organized by the statworx initiative AI & Environment.

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