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AI Academy

We develop skills and expertise in data science, machine learning, and AI alongside you in your company. Enable your employees to use the potential of data and artificial intelligence for your company.

We work together to develop individual data and AI trainings for your team.

Using data and AI successfully

The most sustainable investment in data science, machine learning, and AI is the empowerment of your team. Competent employees and teams build the foundation for the long-term success of AI in your company. Our AI Academy experts give you complete assistance in the process, both with planning and implementing individual training sessions and in company-wide training initiatives. We provide strategic, didactic, and methodical advice on corporate learning regarding data science, machine learning, and AI. Furthermore, we offer training infrastructure and organize AI events for your team. 

Unique skills.
For your success with AI.

  • Just what you need 

    Together, we determine your needs and develop the suitable formats that inspire and empower your team. Perfectly tailored to you and your employees. 

  • Hands-on knowledge 

    Our academy team understands what it takes to implement data science, machine learning, and AI solutions in a company. We provide the input so that your team can transfer 100% of what they learn into practice. 

  • Various methods 

    We create innovative and fun learning environments. Our training sessions thrive on interaction, hands-on sessions, an exchange of experiences, and direct communication. We focus on your team. Always.

  • State of the Art 

    We work at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to classic data, digitalization, and automation topics, our focus is on the latest trends related to data science, machine learning, and AI. 

Passion. Peers. Projects. Play. This is how we learn.

Projects, peers, passion and play: Paul Resnick’s four Ps are the guiding principle of our AI learning philosophy. Years of collaboration with customers from many different backgrounds has shown us the essence of valuable training sessions.  

 People learn best by actively working on useful, application-oriented problems while simultaneously developing their own ideas and solutions. By sharing experiences and intensively exchanging ideas on what has been learned. When our trainers’ enthusiasm for data and AI spills over to your team. And where learning also means to playfully experiment, discover opportunities, test limits, and develop excitement.  

We aim to create an environment where your team can experiment and grow. We empower your team and ensure that your continuous training programs for data and AI become successful investments in the future of your company. 

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