george michael title

Forecasting Last Christmas Search Volume on Google Trends using Deep Learning

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Last Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas tunes that were, are and will be out there. The song is written by the brilliant musician George Michael and was released in 1984, when at that time, Epic Records quickly wanted to release a Christmas tune. According to Wikipedia, there are rumours going around that George Michael just changed the …

Human vs Robots

A Performance Benchmark of Different AutoML Frameworks

Fabian Müller Blog, Data Science

In a recent blog post our CEO Sebastian Heinz wrote about Google's newest stroke of genius – AutoML Vision. A cloud service "that is able to build deep learning models for image recognition completely fully automated and from scratch". AutoML Vision is part of the current trend towards the automation of machine learning tasks. This trend started with automation of …

Binaries and Colors

Learning Images with Keras

Lukas Strömsdörfer Blog, Data Science

Introduction Teaching machines to handle image data is probably one of the most exciting tasks in our daily routine at STATWORX. Computer vision in general is a path to many possibilities some would consider intruiging. Besides learning images, computer vision algorithms also enable machines to learn any kind of video sequenced data. With autonomous driving on the line, learning images …

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Data Science in Python – Der Einstieg in Machine Learning mit Scikit-Learn

Moritz Gnisia Blog, Data Science

In unseren bisherigen Artikeln zu Data Science in Python haben wir uns mit der grundlegenden Syntax, Datenstrukturen, Arrays, der Datenvisualisierung und Manipulation/Selektion auseinander gesetzt. Was jetzt noch für den Einstieg fehlt, ist die Möglichkeit Modelle auf die Daten anzuwenden, um so zum einen Muster in diese zu erkennen und zum anderen Prädiktionen abzuleiten. Die Vielfalt an implementierten Modellen in Python …

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A framework to automate your work: How to set up Airflow!

Marvin Taschenberger Blog, Data Science

In the first part of this blog post, we talked about what a DAG is, how to apply this mathematical concept in project planning and programming and why we at STATWORX decided to use Airflow compared to other workflow managers. In this part, however, we will get more technical and investigate a quite informative hello-world programming and how to set …