emoji on cups next to the laptop

How we use emojis

Jakob Gepp Blog

Once upon a time, we at STATWORX used Slack just as a messenger, but than everything changed when emojis came… Since then, we use them for all kinds of purposes. For example we take polls with them to see were we will eat lunch or we capture unforgettable moments by creating new emojis. The possibilities are limitless! But since we …

data visualisation

Open Workshop: Data Visualization in R and ggplot2, November 8th in Frankfurt

Vivian Jeenel Blog, Data Science, Statistik

The first time we at STATWORX are opening our doors for anyone who wants to learn more about data. Our “Data Visualization in R and ggplot2” workshop is designed for R-beginners and provides the perfect mixture between theory and practice. The workshop will be held in german at our office in Frankfurt. Participants achieve first insights into the concepts of …

themes title

Custom themes in ggplot2

Lea Waniek Blog, Data Science, Statistik

In the last post of this series of the STATWORX Blog, we explored ggplot2's themes, which control the display of all non-data components of a plot. Ggplot comes with several inbuilt themes that can be easily applied to any plot. However, one can tweak these out-of-the-box styles using the theme() function. We did this last time. Furthermore, one also can …

themes title

Using themes in ggplot2

Lea Waniek Blog

As noted elsewhere, sometimes beauty matters. A plot that’s pleasing to the eye will be considered more gladly, and thus might be understood more thoroughly. Also, since we at STATWORX oftentimes need to subsume and communicate our results, we have come to appreciate how a nice plot can upgrade any presentation. So how make a plot look good? How make …

System of right-angled coordinates

Coordinate systems in ggplot2: easily overlooked and rather underrated

Lea Waniek Blog, Data Science, Statistik

All plots have coordinate systems. Perhaps because they are such an integral element of plots, they are easily overlooked. However, in ggplot2, there are several very useful options to customize the coordinate systems of plots, which we will not overlook but explore in this blog post. Since it is spring, we will use a random subset of the famous iris …


Diamonds and Faceting are a Data Scientist's best Friends

Lea Waniek Blog, Data Science, Statistik

In the last post of this series, we took a first look at strategies for the effective visualization and exploration of data patterns within large data sets. Namely, we examined ways to overcome overplotting, with a focus on a two-dimensional feature space defined by two continuous features. However, oftentimes we want to visualize the distribution of data across several subgroups. …

Flowcharts of functions

Jakob Gepp Blog, Data Science

When you work on bigger R projects there comes a point when you may lose the overview of how your functions are connected. Or even worse: you get a large project and have to figure out what is actually happening! A possible remedy to this problem are flowcharts. If you started your project with a flowchart: good for you – …


ggplot, ggplot, gg all the way …

Lea Waniek Blog, Statistik

.. oh what fun, it is to write, an R blog for this day! Der Grundgedanke von ggplot2 Das erklärte Ziel von Hadley Wickham’s package ggplot2, ist es R-Usern zu ermöglichen Daten einfach, ansprechend und vor allem informativ zu visualisieren. Dabei wurde angestrebt die Vorteile von sowohl base-R als auch dem älteren Package lattice zu übernehmen und deren Schwächen auszugleichen. …