Simulating the bias-variance tradeoff in R

Robin Kraft Blog, Data Science, Statistik

In my last blog post, I have elaborated on the Bagging algorithm and showed its prediction performance via simulation. Here, I want to go into the details on how to simulate the bias and variance of a nonparametric regression fitting method using R. These kinds of questions arise here at STATWORX when developing, for example, new machine learning algorithms or …

6th-7th May: Open Workshop with R in Frankfurt

Open Workshop: Programming with R, May 8th and 9th in Frankfurt

Vivian Jeenel Blog, Blog

We at STATWORX are opening our doors for anyone who wants to learn more about data. Our open workshop is designed for R-beginners and provides the perfect mixture between theory and practice. Participants achieve first insights into data science and programming with R. The workshop will be held in German at our office in Frankfurt. There is a limit of …