Airflow for Data Scientists

Manuel Tilgner Blog, Data Science

As data scientists, getting our hands on the data we need is often the most challenging part of a project. In practice, we tend to make life hard on ourselves because we don’t use the best tools for the job. Well no longer! Read on to learn how can you can harness Airflow to orchestrate your own ETL processes like a pro!


STATWORX 2019 – A Year in Review

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Once again, an amazing year at STATWORX is coming to an end. The frequency and magnitude of positive things happening to our company are continuously increasing with every new client, employee, or partner coming to our company. That is why the very first paragraph of this post ends with a massive THANK YOU to my whole team, our customers and …

learn R or Python

R or Python

Fran Peric Blog

Data Science beginners often encounter the same question: which programming language should one learn first? The choice usually falls on one of the two major providers, R or Python. With this blog article, we want to help you with the search for the right programming language for you.