Tuning Random Forest on Time Series Data

Manuel Tilgner Blog, Data Science

Training random forests on time series is one thing, but tuning them? It’s not like you can just apply cross validation and be done with it. Or can you? This post forms part two our mini-series “Time Series Forecasting with Random Forest”. Find out how you can tune the hyperparameters of the random forest algorithm when dealing with time series data. The answers might surprise you!


What’s cooking at STATWORX?

Jonas Braun Blog, Data Science

Besides working hard to provide our clients with cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions, we are also big fans of all things culinary here at STATWORX. But can we apply some of those algorithms to make us better cooks? This blog article explores the unlikely union of Data Science and baking!


STATWORX on Tour: Wine, Castles & Hiking!

Livia Eichenberger Blog

Last Sunday, part of our STATWORX crew went on a day trip to the picturesque Rheingau, the famous wine region known for its Riesling. The trip was planned around the three tourist pillars of the region: wine, castles & hiking.