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Life is an ongoing process of learning new things. But how can you stay up to date in an always moving and evolving topic? One way to do this is to read blogs and follow forums like stackoverflow, where you can learn from the problems and solutions of the community. Another way is to meet people on a regular basis and share your knowledge. We at STATWORX do this nearly each Friday at our own "knowledge transfer". On a bigger scale you could even take part in conference, where you can get new input, meet people and discuss problems from different areas.

Some of the topics we handled on those Fridays were the root for some of our blogs. For example the introduction into debugging or the proper usage of data banks. Some bigger ideas led even to talks at data science & AI meetups where we presented an automated time series forcasting API.

  • we are doing the blogs – check!
  • we are meeting with the local community – check!
  • we are visiting conferences – … not yet, but..

… we are planing to! In may, we will visit the eRum 2018 in Budapest. The travel plans and accommodations are being checked out and everyone is awaiting the conference schedule. The announced speakers promise a good, versatile and informative program. We hope to get new input, a different point of view to new challenges and meet interesting people.
Of course we will report the results and ideas we get in new posts here!

And for those who don’t like rum but whiskey… try this!

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Jakob Gepp

Jakob Gepp

Numbers were always my passion and as a data scientist and statistician at STATWORX I can fullfill my nerdy needs. Also I am responsable for our blog. So if you have any questions or suggestions, just send me an email!