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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Statistics Can Be Romantic Too!

Lea Waniek Blog, Data Science, Statistik

It’s Valentine’s day, making this the most romantic time of the year. But actually, already 2018 was a year full of love here at STATWORX: many of my STATWORX colleagues got engaged. And so we began to wonder – some fearful, some hopeful – who will be next? Therefore, today we’re going to tackle this question in the only true way: with data science!

STATWORX on Tour: Year-End Event in Belgium


After a year both challenging and rewarding, STATWORX has taken the opportunity of the calm before the Year-End to retreat from the office for a few days. A remote area in the Belgian countryside was chosen as the location for the weekend getaway, where the team would spend a couple of days reflecting on the events of the past year, …

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How we use emojis

Jakob Gepp Blog

Once upon a time, we at STATWORX used Slack just as a messenger, but than everything changed when emojis came… Since then, we use them for all kinds of purposes. For example we take polls with them to see were we will eat lunch or we capture unforgettable moments by creating new emojis. The possibilities are limitless! But since we …

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Forecasting Last Christmas Search Volume on Google Trends using Deep Learning

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Last Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas tunes that were, are and will be out there. The song is written by the brilliant musician George Michael and was released in 1984, when at that time, Epic Records quickly wanted to release a Christmas tune. According to Wikipedia, there are rumours going around that George Michael just changed the …

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STATWORX on tour – eRum 2018

Jakob Gepp Blog

The waiting is over – finally it is May and the eRum is about to start. STATWORX arrived in Budapest to take part in the upcoming conference. We are looking forward to some interesting talks and speakers. In this post I will summarise the events and our journey. So let us get right to it! Sunday Nearly an hour later …

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Als Data Science Praktikant bei STATWORX

Moritz Gnisia Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Neben dem Einstieg als Trainee oder Data Science Consultant bei STATWORX gibt es ebenso die Möglichkeit, ein Praktikum im Bereich Data Science zu absolvieren. Unsere aktuellen Stellenausschreibungen findet ihr übrigens hier. Bewerbung bei STATWORX Das Berufsbild des Data Scientists ist durch seine vielfältigen Aufgaben und die bunte Durchmischung der Kompetenzen vor allem in den letzten Jahren sehr attraktiv geworden. Dies …


A data geek, an AI guy, and a fintech dude go into a bar…

Lukas Strömsdörfer Blog, Data Science, Statistik

… some water down the bridge, we are having a Co-Meetup in Frankfurt – kudos to the organizers. Those guys are just awesome. For the past years they have been making an effort to build a Data Science community in Frankfurt – you should check out their Twitter feed. Whenever there is a Meetup – which you should totally check …



Jakob Gepp Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Life is an ongoing process of learning new things. But how can you stay up to date in an always moving and evolving topic? One way to do this is to read blogs and follow forums like stackoverflow, where you can learn from the problems and solutions of the community. Another way is to meet people on a regular basis …