Insights From Our Latest Internal Hackathon

Marlon Schumacher Blog, Data Science

A few weeks ago, several of our colleagues here at STATWORX participated in an exciting time series competition, hosted by a large german-based company.
This was the opportunity for us to organize an internal hackathon in our office in Frankfurt. In this blog article, Marlon will give you an insight into how we plan and execute such hackathons at STATWORX.


What’s cooking at STATWORX?

Jonas Braun Blog, Data Science

Besides working hard to provide our clients with cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions, we are also big fans of all things culinary here at STATWORX. But can we apply some of those algorithms to make us better cooks? This blog article explores the unlikely union of Data Science and baking!

tensorRT Inference Server

Building a scaleable Deep Learning Serving Environment for Keras models using NVIDIA TensorRT Server and Google Cloud

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

In a recent project at STATWORX, I’ve developed a large scale deep learning application for image classification using Keras and Tensorflow. After developing the model, we needed to deploy it in a quite complex pipeline of data acquisition and preparation routines in a cloud environment. We decided to deploy the model on a prediction server that exposes the model through …

workshop title

Open Workshop: Deep Learning in R and Keras, November 14th in Frankfurt

Vivian Jeenel Blog, Data Science

STATWORX welcomes you to our open workshop “Deep Learning in R and Keras” ! The workshop is designed for advanced R-users who are fluent in importing, processing and manipulating data. The workshop will be held in german at our office in Frankfurt. You will learn how to construct, estimate and evaluate both basic and more complex neural networks in R …

george michael title

Forecasting Last Christmas Search Volume on Google Trends using Deep Learning

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Last Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas tunes that were, are and will be out there. The song is written by the brilliant musician George Michael and was released in 1984, when at that time, Epic Records quickly wanted to release a Christmas tune. According to Wikipedia, there are rumours going around that George Michael just changed the …


CodeR: an LSTM that writes R Code

Tobias Krabel Blog, Data Science

Everybody talks about them, many people know how to use them, few people understand them: Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks (LSTM). At STATWORX, with the beginning of the hype around AI and projects with large amounts of data, we also started using this powerful tool to solve business problems. In short, an LSTM is a special type of recurrent neural …

A performance benchmark of Google AutoML Vision using Fashion-MNIST

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Google AutoML Vision is a state-of-the-art cloud service from Google that is able to build deep learning models for image recognition completely fully automated and from scratch. In this post, Google AutoML Vision is used to build an image classification model on the Zalando Fashion-MNIST dataset, a recent variant of the classical MNIST dataset, which is considered to be more …


Wie lernen neuronale Netze?

Sebastian Heinz Blog, Data Science

Für Außenstehende umgeben neuronale Netze eine mystische Aura. Obwohl die Funktionsweise der elementaren Bausteine neuronaler Netze, Neuronen genannt, bereits seit vielen Jahrzehnten bekannt sind, stellt das Training von neuronalen Netzen Anwender auch heute noch vor Herausforderungen. Insbesondere im Bereich Deep Learning, in dem sehr tiefe oder anderweitig komplexe Netzarchitekturen geschätzt werden, spielt die Art und Weise wie das Netz aus …