System of right-angled coordinates

Coordinate systems in ggplot2: easily overlooked and rather underrated

Lea Waniek Blog, Data Science, Statistik

All plots have coordinate systems. Perhaps because they are such an integral element of plots, they are easily overlooked. However, in ggplot2, there are several very useful options to customize the coordinate systems of plots, which we will not overlook but explore in this blog post. Since it is spring, we will use a random subset of the famous iris …

About Risks and Side-Effects… Consult your Purrr-Macist

David Schlepps Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Capture errors, warnings and messages, but keep your list operations going In a recent post about text mining, I discussed some solutions to webscraping the contents of our STATWORX blog using the purrr-package. However, while preparing the next the episode of my series on text mining, I remembered a little gimmick that I found quite helpful along the way. Thus, …

greedy forest

Regularized Greedy Forest – The Scottish Play (Act I)

Fabian Müller Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Macbeth shall never vanquish'd be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill Shall come against him. (Act 4, Scene 1) In Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Macbeth, the prophecy of Birnam Wood is one of three misleading prophecies foreshadowing the defeat of the protagonist of the same name. While highly unlikely, the event of a nearby forest moving towards his …

value price concept on balance scale

Empirische Bestimmung von Elastizität – Teil 1

Daniel Lüttgau Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Wie kann man Preiselastizität bestimmen? Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist nicht eindeutig, sondern fallspezifisch. Es gibt viele Verfahren, um Preiselastizität empirisch zu bestimmen. Direkte Expertenbefragungen, Kundenbefragungen, indirekte Kundenbefragungen durch Conjoint Analysen und vielfältige experimentelle Testmethoden. Wenn die Datenlage es erlaubt, wenden wir Methoden an, die auf historischen Marktdaten basieren. Unterfüttert mit Daten zu Faktoren, wie Wettbewerbspreise, Werbeinformationen etc., lassen …

Intern Titel

Als Data Science Praktikant bei STATWORX

Moritz Gnisia Blog, Data Science, Statistik

Neben dem Einstieg als Trainee oder Data Science Consultant bei STATWORX gibt es ebenso die Möglichkeit, ein Praktikum im Bereich Data Science zu absolvieren. Unsere aktuellen Stellenausschreibungen findet ihr übrigens hier. Bewerbung bei STATWORX Das Berufsbild des Data Scientists ist durch seine vielfältigen Aufgaben und die bunte Durchmischung der Kompetenzen vor allem in den letzten Jahren sehr attraktiv geworden. Dies …


Show me your pipe!

Tobias Krabel Blog, Data Science, Statistik

At STATWORX, we all love R – even so much, that we have decided to visit eRum 2018, an R conference hosted in Budapest! And just as much as we love R, we love the piping operator %>% , as it makes our R codes much neater. I guess, many of you have already seen it in action, but you …


A data geek, an AI guy, and a fintech dude go into a bar…

Lukas Strömsdörfer Blog, Data Science, Statistik

… some water down the bridge, we are having a Co-Meetup in Frankfurt – kudos to the organizers. Those guys are just awesome. For the past years they have been making an effort to build a Data Science community in Frankfurt – you should check out their Twitter feed. Whenever there is a Meetup – which you should totally check …

XY Titel

Simulating Regression Data with Xy

André Bleier Blog, Data Science, Statistik

In a recent project, I have developed a gradient boosting algorithm to estimate price elasticities. Surely, it is necessary to validate if the functionalities of the algorithm are working as intended. I started using nonlinear time series data from another blog post about lag selection as a validation basis. Unfortunately, at that time I did not wrap the simulation code …