Archive Existing RDS Files

Lukas Feick Blog, Data Science

In this blog post, our colleague Lukas gives you a high-level introduction to RDS files (vs. RData files) and serialization. The function checks whether there is already an RDS with the same name in the path, renames it if required, and provides it with a timestamp and a reference ARCHIVED_ON_xx. The function then saves the new RDS under the specified name.

Model Regularization – The Bayesian Way

Thomas Alcock Blog, Data Science

Are you confused by Bayesian statistics? If you understand Ridge regression, one of the most common Bayesian models is within your reach! This post gives a brief intro to Bayesian thinking and shows you just how similar Ridge regression is to Bayesian linear regression by walking you through the math and exploring how coefficient estimates from both models compare.

How To Dockerize ShinyApps

Oliver Guggenbühl Blog, Data Science

After having successfully run a simple R-script inside a Docker container before, we next attempt to repeat this process for entire apps built within the RShiny framework. Join me on the next step toward deploying your work done in R with the help of neat Docker containers!